The soldier in this 1/6 plate ruby ambrotype has a bit of a pouty look on his face. He wears his 9 button frock coat and a kepi. The kepi has some device
on the top (cloth maybe?), but at the angle, there is no way to make out what it is. He has a belt with a US belt plate and cap box on it. He has a cross
belt with an eagle plate that holds the cartridge box. His musket has a plug on it in addition to his socket bayonet. The musket is likely his own and not
a prop considering he has an empty bayonet scabbard on his hip and the barrel cap in the end of the musket. The image comes in a 1/2 case with the following
pencil inscription: "This is a civil war photo & no one we ever knew. I just got it from Wilburger's at Hershey." Ms P.O. Frame her writing" I'm guessing
that Wilberger's is an auction house in Hershey, PA. The image is bright, clear and crisp. A great ambrotype! #10869=$600.00