1/6 plate tintype of a Civil War soldier that has seen the elephant. This soldier has a Garibaldi look. He wears a frock coat that has his sergeant
chevrons tinted blue. His cheeks are rouged. Check out the goatee. He's one finely groomed sergeant! There are a couple of VERY minor bends in the image
that make it tough to get a great scan. The image is crystal clear and this soldier is perfectly posed. If the image were just a touch lighter, I'd call it a
perfect 10, but because of the very slight bends and the lightness, I'd call it a 9. The case is Berg's 3-65 and is considered "rare". It is titled :Geometric
with Cutout". The clasp is intact and the hinges are tight. There are a couple chips and a couple cracks. If the case were perfect it would be over $250 alone.
This will display super well. #2090=$390.00