.Military Images - #5642

This 1/4 plate tintype is odd considering the distance this was taken from the subject. He is posed much closer to the photographer than normal.
This blue eyed soldier wears his greatcoat and kepi for the image. There are a couple of questionable items in this tintype. First of all, what is
the brass device on the leather band next to the buckle of the kepi. It doesn't look like any corps badge I know of. It almost looks like an upside
down Palmetto Tree. Also, I've always been told that Union great coats have two eyelets on the collar of the great coat. This image is so well
focused, that he clearly has no eyelets on the collar. Could this be a confederate? I can't quite make out a device on the buttons of the coat, but
there is something there. The image has no idea and comes in a nice paper and wood case that is split at the seam. #5642=$475.00