CDV of Henry M. Ashby with associated autographed war dated letter signed in pencil to General Y C Humes of the
Confederate States General Staff. The letter reads: "Aug 7, 1864 Genl I would call your attention to the
statements of Mess. Kincaid & Baker (both of whom are well known to you) and respectfully ask that their request
be granted. They are good, reliable soldiers and first rate scouts. Kincaid has never drawn anything from the
Government but has done the duties required of him faithfully and without any remuneration. Baker was offered a
discharge after his Fathers death by Genl Buckner, but refused it. I know these men will return at any specified
time, and by making this Scout to E Tenn will bring reliable information as to the position of Fld. Forces in that
section. Any thing you can do for them Genl. will be duly appreciated by them also by Your _____ ____ H M Ashby".
The letter has been folded into an envelope and is addressed as "Private" to Brig Genl W. Y. C. Humes. There were 3 Bakers
and 3 Kincades in service with the 2nd TN. One of the Bakers and all three of the Kincades (spelled differently by Ashby) were
in Company D. with one of them showing as POW who escaped.

The CDV does show quite a bit of wear with torn corners and staining. The backmark is Brady's from New York with a partial
tax stamp. The pencil signature on the front (above his head) matches the signature on the letter. The signature on reverse
is not as obvious, but looks similar. Fantastic pair of historic items. #JS1059=$2400.00