Alfred Thomas Archimedes Torbert began his military career after graduating 21 out of 34 from the US Military Academy
in 1855. He served in numerous western posts before the outbreak of war and in 1861, was offered an appointment as 1st
lieutenant in the Confederate army. He turned that down and accepted an appointment as colonel of the 1st New Jersey
Volunteers. In 1862 Torbert commanded his regiment on the Virginia Peninsula and fought at 2nd Manassas and South
Mountain. He commanded a brigade at the Battle of Antietam and fought during the battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville
and Gettysburg. He was promoted to Brig General on 11/29/1862. He commanded a division during the Overland Campaign with Sheridan
and during the Valley Campaign in 1864. This CDV is a bit rough with a tear on the bottom right hand side. It has
an Anthony and Brady Backmark. #JS1078=$150.00